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Knowledgebase : Pre-Sales Questions
New account activation is completed within 1-6 hours follow receipt of your initial payment. It may take an additional 24-48 hours from the time you update your nameservers for your website to appear on the Internet. This is called "propagation" and t...
Due to the extremely low cost of our existing packages and services, we do not offer any customized packages except those listed on our website.
This can be used to back up a database or to move database information from one server to another. 1. Export A MySQL Database This example shows you how to export a database. It is a good idea to export your data often as a backup. # mysqldump us...
We currently Accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and major of europian credit and debit cards, We also accept payment by ACH and Wire Transfer.
Due to the high amount of fraud orders that we receive, we manually review every order before activating it. Account activation is typically done within 1-6 hours, but it can take up to 12 hours for the account activation process to be completed. If we r...
HostStore offers Domain registration starting from $9.95 per year. Domains can be purchased during your hosting order process, or you can also register your domain name without signing up for a hosting account.
We can host international domains from any country of origin.
No. Please see our Terms of Service located at for allowed content.
No. We have owned and operated our own servers since we opened.
No. HostStore provides a paid service and there will be no banners or other forms of advertising placed on your web site by us.
We offer 24/7/365 support via support ticket and live chat. Support tickets can be submitted and monitored via or you can simply e-mail: support [at] hoststore [dot] com
Yes, you can easily upgrade your account at any time. The cost is simply the price difference between the two plans. There are no other fees involved as you will only be charged the prorated difference between the original and new plan.
Yes most definitely! HostStore has always offered and stood by it's 99.99% uptime guarantee. If we fail to meet our uptime guarantee at anytime we will fund your account with downtime SLA Credit.
Yes, HostStore will transfer all of your accounts from your previous provider completely free of charge upon sign up. When transferring accounts to our servers they remain exactly the same which means all of the files, databases, and email addresses. T...
To see just how fast our servers are, please try downloading one of our test files by clicking one of the following links: 10MB Test File 20MB Test File
Overselling is currently enabled on all of our reseller hosting packages by default at no additional cost. Overselling allows you to give out more space and bandwidth resources than you are allowed by your package, so long as you do not actually use mo...
f you have just signed up for service and received a MaxMind Fraud error, your account is marked as Fraud, or your invoice was automatically canceled, you will need to open a ticket to the Billing Department with photo identification that matches the addr...