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How to get us to delegate reverse
Posted by admin on 11 September 2009 09:29 PM
This can be a tricky question but I will answer it as far as this company is concerned. We can pass reverse to you in two ways:

1) Pass authority to your nameserver. We basically point a zone such as "" to your nameserver(s) then you will add the zone to your nameserver(s) and create the PTR records from there.

2) Pass authority to a particular domain. We will point your reverse to a domain such as and you will add the ptr records from there.

Both of these methods are ok but I prefer the first one on the list. You will need to talk to us about adding these records for you when you sign up so that you can do this. You can also have us reverse stuff for you at our nameservers which if you only have a few IPS can be easy and convenient (instead of setting up a nameserver).
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