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Create accounts on cPanel server
Posted by admin on 17 September 2009 11:38 PM
How do I create accounts on my dedicated server with Cpanel installed?
To create a new account, log into your server's WHM first. To login you will need to go to the following link, replacing "yourdomain" with your doman name. http://yourdomain:2086

After you have logged in, then click the "Create a New Account" link under Account Functions area.

You will then need to fill out the following information:
o Domain: (enter the new domain in format meaning you would not put nor, please also ensure the domain is all lowercase without any spaces before or after the entry; if you have the domain then that is how the domain should appear in the field when it is entered)

o UserName: cpanelusername (this will autofill in per the first 8 characters of the domain you entered, so if you put in, the UserName field will autofill in as happycam in this field; you can, however, change the autocompleted entry to whatever username you want this account to have up to 8 characters)

o Password: whateveryouwant (the password field can contain whatever password you would like to provide the account, although you should pick one that does not have strange characters such as ! or : or # but only letters and numbers on the regular keyboard; please do not put spaces in the password)

o Ip Address (only for new ip-based accounts): This will be Auto Assigned as the shared IP. If you require a dedicated IP for the account at an additional charge of $2 per month per IP paid in a lump sum for the contract term, please contact to set this up.

o Quota and Bandwidth: Quota is the disk space limit for the account. Please note that for bandwidth, it should be much larger than the quota.

After filling out these fields, click the "Create" button to create the account. Allow WHM to process the creation entirely before leaving the area. If you stop the creation process before it completes, the account might not create properly and need to be terminated and then recreated.
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