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Advanced TCP/IP Settings – The IP Settings Tab
Posted by admin on 11 September 2009 11:32 PM
The IP addresses box at the top allows you to assign additional IP Addresses to a single network card. This is useful if you are hosting multiple websites on the same web server and want to give each its own IP Address for example.

Simply click the Add button to add an IP Address and Subnet Mask. Click Edit to modify the currently selected item and Remove to delete the currently selected item from the list.

The Default gateways box in the middle is used if you want the network connection to use multiple default gateways. Click the Add button to add a Default gateway and assign it a Metric value. A metric value is the cost of a specific route. Cost can reflect speed, reliability and number of hops. The route with the lowest metric value is used, so if you have two Default Gateways set up, one with a metric of 10 and the other with a metric of 20, the one with 10 will be chosen first. Leaving the metric at automatic means that the route metric for this default gateway will be calculated automatically, and the fastest route chosen.

The Edit and Remove buttons in the Default gateways box do exactly the same as for the IP addresses box.

At the bottom of the IP Settings tab you can set whether you want the Interface to have a specific metric or to be assigned one automatically. By default this option is checked. Uncheck it if you wish to input an Interface metric value of your choice.
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