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How to manage mailing lists in cPanel.
Posted by admin on 11 September 2009 10:16 PM
Mailing lists can be used to send messages frequently to a large amount of people for things such as newsletters, product updates, and more. cPanel allows you to update and configure your mailing lists to easily send out information to large groups of people.

Log into your control panel and click Mail.
To add a mailing list, click on Add Mailing List.
Every list needs a unique name. Enter the list's name and password into their respective blank fields.
Select the domain the list is for from the drop box and click Create.
Click on Go Back.
Click on Edit to set up the list.

Please note: If the list was created successfully, the following will appear (except the information will reflect the information you provided above in the blank fields):
Mailing List Created
The mailing list name_of_list on with password pass_word was successfully created.
Hit enter to notify owner...
Updated List name_of_list
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