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What is a lame delegation or lame response? How do I fix it?
Posted by admin on 11 September 2009 09:47 PM
You may see in your name server logs a message about a lame response or lame delegation. When performing recursion, the process of looking up a record from the DNS, a name server must generally query several servers, follow up on referrals, and go down the chain of authority to find the answer.
For each query, the recursing name server expects the other name server to be authoritative for a given zone. For example, the root servers are expected to be authoritative for the root zone. The root servers give out a referral for com, pointing to a set of servers; any such server is expected to be authoritative for com. The expected authority can be obtained either from a referral for that zone from a parent zone, or from the authority records returned by another authoritative name server for the zone.
If a query is answered in a way that indicates that the responder is not authoritative for the expected zone, the result is called lame. Since the response is almost always in the form of a referral (a delegation response) for either some zone higher up on the tree or for the expected zone itself, the response can be called a lame delegation or lame referral.
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