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How valid are the Results of a Reverse DNS Lookup?
Posted by admin on 11 September 2009 09:43 PM
It depends. You can be resonably sure in assuming that the Domain Name returned by a Reverse DNS Lookup is correct but the real question is "Is the IP Address I looked up the real IP address?"

An innocent user visiting your web site or sending you an email doesn't usually have anything to hide. A spammer or hacker trying to break into your computer or firewall has a lot to hide. There are many techniques they can use to hide or change their apparent IP Address. For example, there are many anonymous proxies which allow people to visit web site and hide their real IP Address. In the case of spam, some spam is sent by viruses which infect computers and hijack them to send email. It is also possible for spammers and hackers to modify IP packets to change their reported IP Address.

Bottom line: you can't always trust that the IP Address you think you're looking up is the correct one.
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